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Cookies consist of data stored in a small text file*. These are stored on your machine in your browser's cookies folder and enable the website to recognize a user (or computer). Some organisations use them to trackbrowsing behaviour and preferences, sometimes for the purpose of delivering banner ads on other sites you visit or simply for showing pages or items that you looked at on your previous visit to the same website.You can find out more about how to control or delete cookies by visiting or by opening the 'Help' file in any major browser and typing 'cookies' into the search field. We do not use them for these purposes or store data about you by any other means.

*An example of an application that uses plain text is Notepad.

We use only two types of cookies - PHPSESSID and Google Analytics


This type of cookie is active only on certain parts of the site and is deleted when the browser is closed. It is used to provide security for our website and your personal information when you complete one of our online forms - for example - our message and enquiry forms.

Google Analytics Cookies

This is known as a 'third party' cookie and a 'persistent' cookie - in other words, it's meant to stay on your computer unless you decide to remove it. They may appear as _utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmv, _utmz. They collect and aggregate information in an anonymous form. Types of information collected include, for example, whether a visitor to the site is new or has been before, the time of the visit and the page where the visitor came from. This data is used to provide reports for the website owner, for example - the number of visitors per day, week or month or the most popular pages - all of which enable us to improve the site. You can read more about how Google safeguards data on this page. You can also install Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on by going to this page.


NOTICE about contract hire data shown: For Vehicle Lease Contracts shown on this website, unless otherwise stated, Business Contract Hire monthly rentals exclude VAT and maintenance, include Road Fund Licence and assume an initial payment equivalent to 3 monthly rentals. Personal Contract Hire monthly rentals include VAT and Road Fund Licence but exclude maintenance and assume an initial payment equivalent to 3 monthly rentals. Where they are given on this website, fuel consumption figures (MPG) are the combined average of urban and extra-urban driving as provided by the manufacturer. Variations to the Lease Type, Lease Term, Annual Mileage and therefore Monthly Payment are all available on request. All figures and details may change without notice. Vehicles are subject to availability at time of order. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

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